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    Just a Little Something – Just Because

    There will likely be an occasion when you’re looking for “just a little something” to give someone. Perhaps it’s the holidays, and you want to give a gift to a teacher, mail carrier, newspaper delivery person, neighbor, etc. Or maybe you want to thank people who helped you with a work function, event, or other activity. Maybe you were going throug a difficult time, and someone helped you get through.

    Whatever the reason, you want to give someone a token gift: something to let him or her know you appreciate the effort and thought or just that you appreciate him or her. Now the question arises: what to get?

    The possibilities are truly endless. This list is just to give you some ideas and get your brain working. If you’re giving to several people who work together, live together, or would otherwise be receiving their gifts at the same time, you may want to give them all the same or similar gifts. Of course, the choice is yours. *This post contains affiliate links*

    • Plant or bouquet of flowers
    • Gift card
    • Lottery tickets
    • Novelty book
    • Chocolates
    • Homemade (or bakery) cookies or other treats
    • An inexpensive bottle of wine
    • Candle(s)
    • Bath and body products such as lotions or fancy soaps
    • Pen or pen/pencil set

    You can also create inexpensive gift bundles to make items look more impressive and/or more like a gift. Just take a few items, place them in a clear plastic bag and tie the bag with a ribbon. Some ideas:

    What is your favorite “just a little something” gift to give or receive?

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