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    Solo by SideTrak – Back to School -Review

    If you’re anything like me, having multiple tabs open on my computer or laptop is a standard way to operate. Sometimes it can get overwhelming. When I was given the opportunity to test and review the Solo by SideTrak, I couldn’t resist.

    What my computer tabs look like on the daily!

    So, what is the Solo by SideTrak? Simply stated, it is a portable monitor. The Solo by SideTrak connects to your laptop using a USB-C cord OR a mini HDMI and USB-A cord and gives you the opportunity to increase productivity by adding a second monitor to your workspace.

    Let’s get into the details.

    The Solo by SideTrak is a 15.6″ HD portable touchscreen monitor.

    solo by sidetrak @YourGiftFinders

    It is extremely lightweight, weighing 1.9 pounds and has a thickness of 0.16″. This is great because it doesn’t make that much of an impact when adding it to your laptop bag. It also has a headset port available.

    It is easy to install/connect. Simply connect either the USB-C cord directly into your laptop or if your laptop does not have the USB-C capability, use the mini HDMI to HDMI cord and the USB-C to USB-A cord (all included in the box).

    If you have your laptop lock screen on, you will have to unlock it in order for the Solo by SideTrak to turn on. Once it’s on, you are able to see the bright, colorful monitor ready to work along side your laptop.

    What does the Solo by SideTrak do?

    Now that you’re hooked up, you can drag and drop various tabs to your SideTrak which will allow for greater productivity on your laptop. No more flipping back and forth from tab to tab, just look on your SideTrak and it’s got your back! Watch & listen to presentations, movies, or music while working and it won’t slow your laptop down. Use it for creative projects (like drawing or design work) because it is touchscreen. If you don’t want to use your finger try a stylus!

    Head over to TikTok to see the video!

    Be sure to visit the Your Gift Finders TikTok page for a video! (I realized that I said SideTrak by Solo and it should be Solo by SideTrak.)

    You can easily drag a screen over for a little one to watch a movie while you work if you’re out and about. It makes zoom meetings, presentations, and videos easy to watch while you’re working on your laptop. You can use it for games too! Drawing board…not a problem! Anything you can do on your laptop, it’s just been enhanced by having a second, portable, light-weight monitor! The Solo by SideTrak would be a great gift for college students heading back to school!

    Final Details –

    Cost at the time of this post – $399

    Available at www.sidetrak.com

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