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    SKIN by Brownlee & Co

    Skin by Brownlee & Co. is a skin care clinic located in Ohio. They carry a full line of products and specialize in the prevention and treatment of acne and hyperpigmentation. Everyone has different types of skin and various skin issues. They have to learn to either live with or find a product that works best for their situation. For myself, it was always dry skin and cystic acne. After the births of my three children, I had to figure out how to best deal with and take care of the Melasma that they left behind on my face.

    Ignore that the label is the wrong way – I am still learning my camera! LOL

    Never had a skincare routine?

    I was never one to ever really have a skincare routine. Skincare was never taught or instilled in me growing up so I would use whatever and well whenever I remembered to use it. Most of the time, that meant going to bed without taking off my makeup! YES, I now know, that’s bad and it was definitely a bad habit to get into. But as they say, we cannot turn back time only grow and learn from it so here I am. Now at 52, I know the importance of “serums” and “eye cream”! And, if no one told you before, having a skincare routine should be tailored to you. What works for me, might not work for you. Why? Because all skin is different! Which is the basis for Skin by Brownlee & Co.

    What products are available?

    The product line that you’ll find at Skin by Brownlee & Co is amazing. It has everything one would need to develop and create a manageable skincare routine. From acne cleansers (my 15-year-old self would have loved you then), moisturizers, body oil, scrubs, and foundation to make-up kits. They also carry a variety of skincare kits that target specific pain points. To see what skincare kit is best suited for you, you are encouraged to take their quick and painless online quiz. This will instantly tell you what product/s would be best suited for your skin type and problem area.

    What did I try and what were my thoughts?

    As a part of this review, I was provided with their 4-ounce Cucumber Aloe Mist which retails for $22. Upon initial use, you can definitely smell the cucumber scent! The ingredients are all things I can read and know what they do. It has Cucumber Water, Aloe Leaf Juice, White Willow Bark Extract, and Tea Tree Leaf Oil. I used this product both in the morning and before bed. You can use this just about any time during the day when you feel you need a little pick-me-up. What I have loved most is that keep in mind my 52-year-old skin that was more or less neglected over the years, it provided me with a glow that I haven’t seen in years. Because my skin is dry, I feel it helped to rehydrate and in doing so, my skin didn’t feel so tight.

    For more information on all the wonderful products available from Skin by Brownlee & Co visit their website. I am certain you will find the product best suited for your skin.

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