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    Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

    Holiday Gifts For All 2021

    Struggling to find holiday gifts for the whole family? Well, look no further. We have found some really cool, yet practical gift ideas for mom, dad, brother or sister, grandma or grandpa, and your pup or kitty! Let’s just jump right into sharing these holiday gifts ideas, shall we? Please note that some of the gifts included are from Amazon and Your Gift Finders is an affiliate which means, when you click and make a purchase, Your Gift Finders gets a small percentage (none of which comes directly from you).

    Gift for mom – If your mom is always asking, “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”, and you answer “it’s just you”, then mom needs a cooling blanket! Trust us, she will love this thin and lightweight cooling blanket even in the winter when the house is warm! It currently (as of 11/25/21) is a Black Friday special price under $20! Get it while it’s hot…we mean cool!

    Does mom like to craft? If so, this mini iron packs a powerful punch! The mini-heat press machine can be used on tennis shoes, hats, clothing, backpacks, stuffed animals, etc. If mom has a Cricut, then she needs this mini press! The heat plate heats evenly and quickly. It is portable (comes with a storage bag), is lightweight, and has an auto-shutoff reminder.

    Gift for dad – Is your dad always talking about how sore he is, or is that just my dad? This year we decided to get dad this percussion massage gun by Toloco. It has 10 interchangeable massage heads which allow each one to target specific areas on the body. It is quiet and easy to use. Dad will love this for sure!

    Gift for brother or sister – Does your brother or sister love to sing and be the life of the party? We found the smallest karaoke machine that is fun for, well really, the whole family. It is compact and portable. The Bluetooth range is up to 33 feet and has a 4.5-hour battery when fully charged. It comes with a wireless microphone (batteries not included), USB charging cable, AUX cable, and remote control.

    Gift for Grandma and/or Grandpa – If you’re struggling to figure out what to get grandma or grandpa, how about this contour memory foam cervical pillow by Elviros? This memory foam pillow is perfect for all types of sleepers; side, stomach, or side. The center cavity has a hole (more like a divot) in the center to relieve head pressure when sleeping on the stomach. It has a contour area that helps to ease the pressure off your shoulder when sleeping on your side and the arc shape adapts to the head and neck curves making breathing smoother. The armrest gently reduces pressure for your wrist and arms. It comes with a removable, washable, and breathable pillowcase. Act quickly and you might just receive an additional 30% off during the Amazon Black Friday sale!

    Gifts for anyone – Sometimes you need to find a gift for a co-worker, mail carrier (as long as it’s under $20), delivery driver, teacher, or another family member. These gifts are perfect for anyone on your gift list!

    Mason-Re: is a company that makes silicone koozies for mason jars. The company believes that the key to sustainability is using fewer items for more things. They invented the silicone koozie which allows you to drink hot or cold beverages right from your mason jar. The Mason-Re silicone koozie protects your mason jar from breakage, can be used in the dishwasher and microwave! You can grab a two-pack set (red & green) for under $20, add a lid for less than $8! (Mason jar is not calculated in this total)

    Heat Holders®- these gloves are great for men and women who are outside workers or those who just have cold hands all the time! With Heat Holders®, you can give the perfect gift of warmth! These men’s gloves come in a variety of colors, are thermal lined, and has a ribbed cuff at the wrist that helps to seal in the heat!

    A handmade, soy, 9oz Palo Santo Patchouli candle with a 40 hour burn time is a great gift for just about anyone! It is made in the US and hand-poured in Pennsylvania by Sweet Water Decor. This candle is the perfect blend starting with top notes of Black Pepper, Clove Leaf, and Nutmeg. The middle note is my favorite, Lavender with a base of Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Olibanum

    For the family pet, how about a couple of fun toys? The Petstages Cat Tracks cat toy provides fun for your feline. All your furry friends need to do is spin the balls through the track. While your kitty is busy playing, your pup can be playing ball with the goDog Furballz rainbow plush dog toy with Chew Guard Technology. Both for less than $10 each.

    This is just the start of the gift-giving season so please check back because we will be updating the blog with additional holiday gifts for each member of your family and then some! 🙂 Also, please visit our Amazon list as we will be adding to our holiday gifts list frequently!

    Hi, I'm Phyllis! I am a fun-loving-spirited mom of three (ages 24, 21 & 18). I have been and continue to go through the many stages of parenthood with my husband of 27 years (together for 33 so if that doesn't scream commitment, I don't know what does!). We also have two pups who are equally as crazy as humans! :)