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    Dressing Up a Gift Card

    Dressing Up A Gift Card - How to make gift card giving less boring! #YGF

    Gift cards are perhaps the most popular gift, both to give and to receive. They’re easy and give the recipient the opportunity to buy exactly what he or she wants. When it comes to gift-giving, though, they can be a little boring. How can you dress them up?

    Keep in mind the same ideas can be used for cash, lottery tickets, or anything else small and flat that may need a little spicing up!

    It’s All in the Packaging

    Sometimes it’s just a question of giving the recipient something to unwrap. Here are some ideas on how to wrap up a gift card:

    Wrap it up in a CD or DVD case to throw recipients off.

    Secure to a deck of playing cards or a small box of chocolates and wrap them up together.

    Pick up a stuffed animal with a little pouch or slot to insert the gift card in. Tuck inside a gift bag.

    Get a variety of gift cards in smaller denominations and insert them into a photo album, wallet, or anything else with pockets or slots.

    Companion Gifts

    For a little added interest and instant gratification for the recipient, including the gift card with a gift that coordinates with it:

    Attach a gift card for a restaurant to a box of chocolates or cookies.

    Favorite coffee shop? How about attaching one to a pound of coffee, or snacks to accompany their beverage.

    Attach a gift card for a sporting goods store to a piece of athletic equipment.

    Is your recipient a book reader? Attach a gift card for a bookstore to a bestseller.

    Attach a gift card for a music store to a CD, sheet music, or a piece of musical equipment.

    You can also make the gift card the focal point of a themed gift basket. Check out the “themed gifts and gift baskets” article for more tips and ideas.

    Make Them Work For It

    To really make things interesting, prolong the process by making the recipient work for his or her gift.

    Wrap it up inside a tin or box, then wrap that inside another box, then another box…

    Place the gift inside a puzzle box so the recipient has to solve the puzzle before getting the gift.

    Send the recipient on a scavenger hunt to find the gift card(s).

    For cash and other gifts that can be folded or rolled, place inside a balloon (or balloons if multiple bills or gifts) and inflate the balloon — preferably with helium. Make the recipient pop the balloon(s) to receive his or her gift(s). For gift cards, tape cards to the tops of helium-filled balloons. Leave the ribbons off, place them in a room, and make the recipient try and reach them.

    What other ways have you gifted a gift card?

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