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    Finding the Right Gift For Father’s Day

    Finding the right gift for father's day

    Gifts for Him

    Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. What, then, to get that special man in your life? What should you get dad for Father’s Day? Ask the questions below to spark some gift-giving brainstorms. *Affiliate links are in this post.

    What Does He Use?

    Everyone has products he uses on a daily basis. Keep these in mind, especially if the man of honor likes a particular brand or scent that would be considered a splurge for day-to-day purchases:

    This is especially important for men who don’t really need anything, or who are in a residence that restricts what they can have, such as assisted living. In addition, consider items that may coordinate with daily routines, such as a lap desk, slippers, robe, even basics like stamps.

    What Does He Eat?

    There’s the stand-by chocolate, but take into consideration gourmet cheeses and crackers, or items that he enjoys but doesn’t always get, such as a pricier brand of ice cream or cookies. Or how about a snack basket filled with his favorite snacks and goodies for watching the big game?

    For the beer or wine connoisseur, try looking for a specialty beer or interesting new wine to try. Take him to a brewery or vineyard. Consider a beer-making kit or books on how to make his own wine.

    Don’t forget the possibility of a gift card to his favorite restaurant.

    Where Does He Work?

    Some professions suggest gifts themselves. For an office worker, consider nice pens, letterhead, business card holders, or desk organizers. If he is a teacher, consider a briefcase or books on the subject he teaches. For the man who has a more physical job, consider a massage to relax the overworked muscles.

    Similarly, if he is embarking on a new career or business endeavor, look for items he would be able to use in his new job.

    Where Does He Play?

    The sports buff may have a favorite team. Consider memorabilia. The fisherman may need a new fishing pole, lures, or tackle box. The golfer may need new clubs, balls, or tees. Crafts and hobbies all come with their own supplies and accessories that may need replenishing.

    Movie fans would appreciate DVDs, movie passes, or memorabilia from a favorite film, or perhaps a book on movies not to miss.

    Music lovers would enjoy CDs or concert tickets. For those who play an instrument, consider accessories for the instrument of choice, sheet music, or biographies of favorite musicians.

    The book lover can receive books by favorite authors, bookmarks, book plates, or gift cards to local bookstores. If an anticipated book will be released soon, try preordering it in the recipient’s name, and include a gift card for the purchase price when it becomes available, if necessary.

    Don’t forget the technologically-advanced guys who would appreciate video games or gaming systems, gadgets such as MP3 players, the latest phones, and other electronic tools and toys that make their appearances.

    What Is He Interested In?

    Don’t forget outside interests. For a man interested in astronomy, try a telescope. Too pricey? Look for DVD box sets about space travel, the solar system, or other galaxies. Look for books on stargazing and constellations. Name a star after him.

    History buffs would appreciate season passes to local museums, and books or DVDs on historical events. For a more personal gift, consider tracing the genealogy of the recipient.

    Car nuts ave books and DVDs of their own. For something different, rent a car he’s always wanted to try. Even exotic cars can be rented — for a price. Get him tickets to a Nascar race.

    Magazine subscriptions are another great gift idea that will provide your guy with something to look forward to for a whole year. Thousands of magazines exist, on every topic possible.

    Hi, I'm Phyllis! I am a fun-loving-spirited mom of three (ages 24, 21 & 18). I have been and continue to go through the many stages of parenthood with my husband of 27 years (together for 33 so if that doesn't scream commitment, I don't know what does!). We also have two pups who are equally as crazy as humans! :)