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    Themed Gift Giving Using a Favorite Theme

    Themed Gifts

    Themed Gifts

    Sometimes grouping a bunch of themed gift items that coordinate together can be more fun than a single gift. Not only does it make the gift look more impressive; it also gives the recipient more treats to enjoy.

    To start, decide on a theme you’d like to use. Perhaps the recipient has a favorite hobby, sports team, or collection. Or perhaps you’re just looking to celebrate a specific occasion. You can also create themed gifts for a couple or a family, which can help you determine the theme, as well.

    Once the theme is determined, think about what you’d like to include. Below are several ideas to get you started. You can also browse the other articles on this site for additional ideas. Keep in mind that these are just starting points. Feel free to use whatever theme or content you think the recipient(s) would enjoy.

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    Themed Gift Suggestions

    If the gift recipient has a particular hobby or collection, you can put together items that reflect that interest. Look online or in stores to find novelty mugs, stationery products, and more with different designs to match just about anything.

    In addition, the themed gift can be enhanced by adding a gift card or gift certificate as a focal point. If making a gift basket, creat the basket as usual, but leave a space in the front for the gift card. Have the basket themed to coordinate with the card (pampering basket for a spa certificate, coffee and treats basket for a cafe gift card, etc).

    You can also put together children’s themed gifts, filled with toys, game, books, activity books, crayons, school supplies, and more. Create a basket inside a reusable plastic container or tote.

    Wrapping It Up

    Themed gifts can be wrapped together in a gift basket or simply boxed or bagged. If you decide to box your gift, place tissue paper inside the box and arrange the items as desired. If you’d like to make a particular presentation, secure the gifts with tape or glue dots to keep them in place. Then cover them with more tissue paper and add the cover. Wrap as desired.

    If you decide to bag your items, you may want to first place all the items in a clear plastic bag, tied with ribbon, before placing them in a gift bag. This way the recipient will pull out all the items at once and see the theme right away.

    Or, if you prefer, you can have the recipient pull items one at a time from the gift bag. This works especially well if you have several items that coordinate. It creates a “never-ending gift” effect.

    Making a Gift Basket

    To put your themed gift together into a basket, you will, of course, need the container to put them in. It doesn’t have to be an actual basket; any type of container will do. You can even use something that coordinates with the contents as a container (i.e. tackle box for fishing basket, bucket for car wash basket, planter for gardening basket, etc.).

    If the container allows for it, add tissue, shredded paper, or tulle as filler and a decorative base. Arrange it so some edges can be seen over the top of the container and around the items. This creates visual interest and brings the items together.

    Next, select one or two larger items to place in the back of the container as a backdrop. Then, arrange the rest of the items in the container as you see fit. Keep smaller items in the front so they don’t get lost. If needed, add tissue paper or shredded paper under some of the items to add height.

    Keep items in place by securing them with tape or glue dots. Don’t overdo it, though, or the recipient will have a hard time taking things apart!

    You can give the basket as is, or you can wrap it up in a clear plastic bag and tie the bag with ribbon or a bow. To conceal the gift, place it in a gift bag and cover with tissue paper.

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